Side Effects

Red yeast rice is a natural supplement, however there are certain side effects that are associated with its use. The side effects that generally occur are often mild to moderate, however there is the possibility of serious problems occurring. It is very important to be aware of the risks and that is why people should speak with their doctors before they take this medication.

Red Yeast Rice Important Information

Individuals should be aware that the red yeast rice supplement is not approved by the FDA. It is not known to officially treat any medical conditions. People who have certain conditions and need treatment should not substitute the red yeast rice supplement in place of their prescription drugs.

It should be noted that the FDA has not evaluated the safety and effectiveness of the red yeast rice supplement. As a result of that, there is no direct evidence that point to the advantages in using this product as well as the possible risks. Also, there are no standards that are in place based on manufacturing and the types of ingredients used. Because of the lack of regulation, some of the red yeast rice supplements contain toxic materials and sometimes other drugs. Because of those factors, it is always advised that the supplements should be purchased from trusted sources.

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