A Natural Weapon For The Treatment of Cholesterol

If you are looking for a natural product for the treatment of high cholesterol, then you should consider the red yeast rice extract. This product is very effective at treating and reducing high cholesterol symptoms. If you will have high triglyceride or cholesterol levels, you should become very familiar with “red yeast rice”. This ancient […]

Look Out For Red Yeast Rice Products That Contain Lovastatins

Red yeast rice has been proven to be very effective at controlling and reducing levels of high cholesterol. Studies have shown that this over-the-counter supplement was as effective as statins when it comes to the reduction of cholesterol. The reason why red yeast rice was so effective is that it contained a natural ingredient called […]

Is Red Yeast Rice Without Lovastatin Effective?

Red yeast rice is a popular supplement that is used to treat high cholesterol. There have been many research studies that have proven the effectiveness of the supplement. It should be noted that during these studies the red yeast rice contained lovastatins which are proven to help lower cholesterol. The FDA has banned products containing […]

The Use of Red Yeast Rice to Control Cholesterol

Every single year, there are millions of people who die to complications associated with heart disease. Many different factors contribute to this health condition and these often include high cholesterol levels, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, lack of exercise, genetics and smoking. Individuals who have more than one of these risk factors have a much […]