Is Red Yeast Rice Without Lovastatin Effective?

Red yeast rice is a popular supplement that is used to treat high cholesterol. There have been many research studies that have proven the effectiveness of the supplement. It should be noted that during these studies the red yeast rice contained lovastatins which are proven to help lower cholesterol. The FDA has banned products containing lovastatins as they are not an approved drug.

As a result of this, are most red yeast rice supplements that are currently being sold effective? without the lovastatin’s, the red yeast rice supplements are considered to be useless. The supplements can be sold as long as they do not contain lovastatin according to the FDA, however most manufacturers know that their products won’t work unless they contain it.

Lovastatin is a prescription statin is a prescription medication that is used to treat high cholesterol. It occurs naturally in red yeast rice and that is why it is effective. Many people are unaware that the product contains a statin, as a result they need to be aware of what they are taking.

People who have health problems should consult with their doctor before they take red yeast rice.

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