Red Yeast Rice & Cholesterol

According to the American Heart Association, the cholesterol blood level is directly related to the possibility have having heart disease. They state that people will have low cholesterol levels that are below 200, are relatively safe from contracting any heart problems. Dangerous levels are above 240 and this is the problem levels. People whose levels are between 200 and 240 have a possibility of developing heart disease in the distant future.

People who suffer from high cholesterol are often looking for different methods to treat their conditions. The most common way to help control cholesterol levels is by changing their lifestyle, eating healthier and exercising. This change in lifestyle may not be enough for everyone and they may have to resort to using prescription medications. Many people do not like using prescription drugs because it can cause liver damage and muscle break down. People who are looking for alternatives to prescription medications when it comes to treating high cholesterol are now resorting to using red yeast rice.

The supplement red yeast rice, is used commonly on the continent of Asia as a seasoning in food. It is also used because it has special medicine or properties. In 1999 a study that was conducted at UCLA, showed the effectiveness of the red yeast rice supplement in reducing and treating individuals who suffered from high cholesterol. 79 people participated in the study and after 12 weeks, it was shown that people who took red yeast rice showed a 15% reduction in their cholesterol levels.

Red Yeast Rice and the Prevention of Cholesterol

Some of the most common medications that are used to treat high cholesterol are called statins. Red yeast rice is very similar to statins as it is able to block a specific liver enzyme from producing cholesterol. Red yeast rice is just as effective as the statin drugs, the added benefit is that there are not as many serious side effects.

Even though red yeast rice is very effective, many doctors warn that both red yeast rice and prescription statins should not be used if the individual is pregnant or nursing or suffers from liver disease. A doctor should be consulted before planning on taking red yeast rice.

Warnings Regarding Cholesterol and Red Yeast Rice

People who are considering using red yeast rice to control their cholesterol should be aware that the FDA has indicated that there are three specific types of red yeast rice supplements that may be harmful to individuals as it contains a certain drug.

If the supplement contains lovastatin then they should avoid those products. Lovastatin is a drug that is found in most statin prescription medications that are used to treat problems with high cholesterol. The issue with lovastatin being in the supplements is based on the fact that it is a restricted drug and also there is no way to know the levels in the products.

The Reasons Related to Lovastatins’ Danger

Lovastatin is very dangerous as it can possibly interact with a host of prescription drugs. This can be extremely dangerous to the individuals health. Aside from that, lovastatin can also result in damage of the kidney as well as muscle problems. This risk is increased if people take higher levels of lovastatin that is needed.

Who is Red Yeast Rice Supplements Best For?

There is no specific type of person that fits the mold for red yeast rice use. Generally to reduce cholesterol, many doctors often suggest that an individual change their lifestyle. This would mean that they have a proper diet, as well as exercise regularly. If that proves unsuccessful in reducing cholesterol levels, then doctors will consider using statin medication. These statins have been proven to be very effective in lowering cholesterol levels. Some people do not like the side effects that are associated with these statins and as a result they will often seek an alternative. People like these are often the best candidates when it comes to using red yeast rice to lower cholesterol levels.

Who is Red Yeast Rice Supplements Not  For?

Not everyone can take red yeast rice. These groups of people are ones who have serious problems and complications associated with red yeast rice use. People who have an increased risk for heart attack should not use the supplement. Using the product could result in serious health complications

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