Nature’s Plus Red Yeast Rice Supplement


The Nature’s Plus Red Yeast Rice 600 mg Supplement are tablets that can be taken to help reduce high cholesterol levels.

Red Yeast Rice is an ancient natural supplement that has been used for centuries in China to treat a wide range of chronic illnesses. Recently it was discovered that red yeast rice contained the same statins that were used in the treatment to reduce cholesterol levels. Many people claim that it works and it is a natural supplement to help lower high cholesterol levels.

The Nature’s Plus Herbal Actives Red Yeast Rice extract is a supplement that has many different benefits.  The tablets will provide results quickly and this can be attributed to the extended-release system.  This system allows for the body to receive a great concentration of active botanical principles.

  • Serving Size – 1 tablet
  • Does Not Contain: Artificial colors, preservatives, common allergens wheat, corn, soy and milk.

Nature’s Plus Red Yeast Rice Supplement Review

Robert –

I had high cholesterol somewhere in the high 240’s. I changed my diet and started eating more healthily as well as exercising. This was good at reducing the cholesterol levels down to 200-205. I had heard about this natural supplement called red yeast rice that had been used to treat people with high cholesterol. I decided to try it out, without deviating from my diet and exercise plan.  This worked really well as my cholesterol levels fell to 170. This was extremely impressive and I have been sold on these supplements ever since. Taking one tablet a day worked out really well in keeping my cholesterol at a low level.

How Long Should Red Yeast Rice be Taken To Treat Cholesterol?

how-longSome people have started taking red yeast rice supplements to help control their high cholesterol levels. There is success with taking these supplements, however some people have specific questions related to the extract. They often want to know how long they should take the red yeast rice extract.

The red yeast rice extract is one of the more popular natural supplements that people take to help to reduce cholesterol levels. Its popularity is based on its effectiveness and the great results that people state that they receive from taking these tablets.

Red rice yeast (Monascus purpureus) contains naturally occurring statins, the same that can be found in cholesterol-lowering prescription medication. Many people opt to take the red yeast rice supplements as the side effects are not as serious compared to the statin medications. This is mainly due to the extract delivering a mix of compounds as opposed to one single batch.

To answer the question above how long red yeast rice should be taken to lower cholesterol, the answer is for an indefinite period. This is due to the fact that when people stop taking these supplements, there are cholesterol levels slowly increase. Aside from taking the tablets, you will also need to have your triglyceride and cholesterol levels checked periodically by your doctor. This would be similar to taking the statin medications to help lower your high cholesterol levels.  If you have high cholesterol levels and you are taking the drugs are supplements, they will have to be done for an indefinite period. You should also be aware that the taking of red yeast rice or statin drugs will stop the body from naturally synthesizing coenzyme Q10. Coenzyme Q10 is needed by the body and the heart to keep healthy. If you are taking any drugs or extracts to treat high cholesterol, be sure to take 90-120mg daily dosage of coenzyme Q10.

Aside from taking red yeast rice to help control your cholesterol levels, it is also good to take other measure.

Diet – having a good and healthy diet is very important if you want to reduce your cholesterol.

Exercise – This should not be thought of as insignificant. 30 minutes a day of exercise is important in not only keeping healthy, but also in cholesterol control.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids – These acids care helpful.

Reduce Saturated Fat Intake – This is one of the major causes of high cholesterol and greatly reducing it will have a big effect on your cholesterol levels.

Eat Healthy – Foods such as oat, fiber and bran are all important.

A Natural Weapon For The Treatment of Cholesterol


If you are looking for a natural product for the treatment of high cholesterol, then you should consider the red yeast rice extract. This product is very effective at treating and reducing high cholesterol symptoms.

If you will have high triglyceride or cholesterol levels, you should become very familiar with “red yeast rice”. This ancient Chinese herbal supplement has been used for decades as a natural treatment for a wide range of conditions, especially the reduction of high cholesterol.

What is Red Yeast Rice?

Many people who hear about red yeast rice for the first time think about the food that has been colored red. It is actually a preservative that has been used in many Chinese recipes for thousands of years. The red yeast rice has also been used to treat many different medical ailments. One of which was the reduction of cholesterol levels.

To make this extract, the rice is fermented with a special yeast.  Over the fermentation period it develops the structure that is very similar to the statin drugs that are used to treat high cholesterol levels.

Where Do I Locate Red Yeast Rice?

if you are interested in using red yeast rice, the best way to go about getting it is through supplements. In purchasing these supplements you will know the daily amount in which you will be taken. You will know the exact dosage per day that can be used to help lower cholesterol levels.

You can also get the benefits of red yeast rice from certain foods, such as vinegars made from wine. Another good bet is to visit the local China Town. There are many preparations and food that contain red yeast rice (Peking Duck). You will be able to find a wide range of foods that contain this red yeast rice extract.

Is There Something as Too Much Red Yeast Rice?

The good thing about taking this natural supplement for the treatment of high cholesterol is the fact that are very few side effects associated with its use. This stays the same if too much red yeast rice is taken. There have been studies that have been conducted, that show no damage to the organs of individuals who take extremely high doses of red yeast rice for long periods of time.

Despite this information, it is still important to take small doses, especially when starting out. You can gradually increase the dosage over time. This is usually done to note any of the side effects that may occur when the small dosage amounts have been taken.

Fish Oil and Red Yeast Rice Are Good At Combatting High Cholesterol


There is new research suggesting that the combination of red yeast rice, fish oil, a healthy diet and exercise can reduce cholesterol levels essentially the same as taking statin medications.

The research has shown that the combination of fish oil and red yeast rice were able to reduce LDL-cholesterol levels by almost 42.4%. Compare this to the 39.6% reduction in patients who took statin medications.

The results from this study are very important as they have shown a direct correlation between fish oil and red yeast rice in reducing cholesterol levels. This means a natural approach could be even more effective than taking statin drugs.

It has long been noted that high cholesterol levels have been linked with very is medical conditions such as heart disease, which is responsible for thousands of deaths per year. The American Heart Association has stated that almost 34% of Americans suffer from some type of heart disease, mainly caused by high cholesterol levels.

Details of the Study

74 people were taken in the study and they were all randomly split up into two groups. These people all suffered from hypercholesterolaemia. One group was given a daily statin medication, 40mg/d of simvastatin. The other group was given fish oil (EPA 2106 mg/d, DHA 1680 mg/d, N3 Oceanic) and red yeast rice (N3 Oceanic). The overall monacolin content associated with the red yeast rice was 5.3mg. 2.53mg was monacolin K otherwise known as lovastatin.

The study lasted for 12 weeks and once it was finished researchers found that both groups had a significant reduction in LDL cholesterol levels. There was no real difference between the two.

The groups that took the red yeast rice and fish oil recorded a significant cut in their triglyceride levels. This reduction was 29%, compared to the 9% reduction seen in the group that took the statin.

Why Did it Work?.

Researchers realized that taking red yeast rice would reduce cholesterol levels as it contains naturally occurring lovastatin and 9 other substances referred to as monacolins.  Researchers realized that the amount of red yeast rice the individuals took was similar to regular statin levels. The reduction in triglyceride levels was also due to the fish oil taken.

“Red yeast rice contains naturally occurring lovastatin and nine different substances called monacolins that could inhibit 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase,” wrote Becker and co-workers.

More Studies Needed

Because of the results of this particular study, the researchers have lobbied for a longer and more intense trial.

Video: What Is Red Yeast Rice?

This is a short video that will look at the herbal supplement, red yeast rice. This 1 1/2 minute video will give a short overview as to what the red yeast rice supplement is and how effective it is at treating and reducing problems associated with high cholesterol. People who are looking for new and alternative ways to reduce their cholesterol should reference this video as a starting point.

Before starting any dietary supplement, it is very important that you consult with your doctor. Be sure you do this if you are planning on taking red yeast rice. You should also research the supplement to see what the pros and cons are.