The Effectivness Of Red Yeast Rice


Ingesting Chinese red yeast rice has shown the possibility of being able to reduce cholesterol levels almost as successfully as statin medications. The benefit of red yeast rice is you get the benefits associated with statin drugs, but then wond have deal with the ¬†without the possible harmful side effects that are common with using statin’s for long periods of time.

A research study was conducted comprising a host of trials that were taken at random. Thus was done to find out how effective three different kinds of red yeast rice products acted on the levels of blood cholesterol. These three products were Xuezhikang, Zhibituo and Cholestin

Pharmanex is a drug company based in the United States that makes the rate yeast rice brand Cholestin. Xuezhikang is created by combining red yeast, alcohol and rice together and then running a specific process that will ensure that a large amount of rice gluten is removed.

The studies were looked at by researchers as they wanted to compare the results of how effective red yeast was in treating people who suffered from hyperlipidemia. Hyperlipidemia is a medical condition where people often will have abnormal levels and concentrations of lipids in the blood. The researchers were able to show that mixtures such as Zhibituo, Cholestin and Xuezhikang were all able to drastically reduce the overall blood cholesterol. The results were compared against the people who took a placebo. For the three products that were taken, the patients experienced a reduction in LDL cholesterol levels, blood cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels. Also, patients saw an increase in their good HDL cholesterol. This was drastically different from the people who took the placebo. Researchers were also able to show that Zhibituo and Xuezhikang were the two most effective preparations. The differences between the two were very small.

The red yeast rice products were also shown to be as effective as statin drugs when it comes to reducing the levels of lipid cholesterol. The benefit however was the fact that statins can have a negative effect on muscle damage, liver function, pain, sexual dysfunction and depression. When it came to red yeast rice, the only problems were the occasional gastrointestinal uneasiness and dizziness.

In China for over 1,000 years, red yeast rice has been an important product when it came to treating diarrhea, improving circulation and calming indigestion. Red yeast rice is made from fermenting rice using special red yeast that is called Monascus purpureu. This yeast is commonly used as a food color and preservative.

In the end it has been documented that the use of red yeast rice does carry with it dangerous side effects that are common with of statin drugs. The red yeast rice is also natural, relatively inexpensive most importantly safe.

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