FDA Has Warning About Red Yeast Rice

People who take the red yeast rice supplement should look at warning that was issued by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The warning states that there are 3 different types of products that consumers should avoid as they contain ingredients that could be harmful to a person’s health. The red yeast rice products in question are a supplement that has the ability to reduce high cholesterol.

The red yeast rice products that the FDA says that people should stay away from are Cholestrix that is created by Sunburst Biorganics, Red Yeast Rice Policosonal Complex created by Kabco Inc and Red Yeast Rice sold by Swanson Healthcare Products . According to tests done by the FDA, these products often contained lovastatin, a common ingredient in statin medications that are used to help lower high cholesterol levels.

The FDA is against these particular supplements as they contain lovastatin, a drug that can cause kidney problems and muscle issues. The red yeast rice can also interact with drugs to treat fungus infections, HIV and a host of other drugs. It can also interfere with statin drugs that are used to reduce cholesterol.

The FDA issues statements to these companies that told them to remove all these products for consumer shelves, until their formulation has been changed. The FDA also has within their power the ability to seize these products that do not comply.

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